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What's New
  • Getting Help ready for Nvu 1.0.
  • Nvu Help project launched!

Welcome to the Nvu Help Project! The goal of this project is to construct and maintain a Nvu Help Viewer API and some documentation to go along with it.

Help Viewer API will be based off of the Firefox Toolkit API but will contain some enhancements and new features. Hopefully some that will help make the user experience more enjoyable.

What is the status of the Nvu Help Documenation project?

Nvu Help Documenation project is constantly being updated along with the introduction of new features in Nvu. Help Viewer is being shipped with Nvu since version 0.60. We are expecting to have Help Documentation completely updated when Nvu 1.0 is shipped with it. If you are interested in having the latest nightly of Nvu Help, follow the instructions on installation page.

How can I contribute?

Currently, documentation needs the most maintenance. We're currently in the process of beta testing a new DocBook-based documentation format. We could use some help in moving the documentation over to this new format. And as always, if you would like to contribute some documentation that you feel would be useful with the Help Viewer or even some simple enhancements to the current documentation, feel free to email us.


The nvuhelp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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